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Sunday, March 22, 2009

here in paradise

ALOHA!!!! Here's Emalie and I doing garden art. She is such an artist... she wants to paint, color, or play dough. It is really the biggest focus of her life. And of course, I love that!!! Her mom is an artist too and the influence is obvious. Stephanie has had her surgery, all went well and we are now back on Kauai. I have not been around on Oahu since the mid 70's and was blown away by the changes. Honolulu is still insane, but the the windward side is now grown crazy, though not as bad as Honolulu/Wikiki. We did a drive up to the north end of the island and it was wonderful to see it still retains the country feel.

We are now enjoying the rural life here on Kauai. I love this island. It's not as crowded, and much more calm and peaceful. We have had some beach time. Most fun was the glass beach that Dan and I went to. This is an old site for the old city dump. Hard to believe, but years and years ago, this was where they dumped their garbage. There is one little cove that is so full of worn beach glass, it is nearly the "sand" I scooped up a bag full to bring home, some for me and future art projects (mosaics?) and some to share with my artist friend. We walked along the very craggy shore.. found an old collection of old car parts, engine blocks etc. that now have rusted into found object art.

Here's a massive chain and assorted junk. The rust is amazing. It's like slowly but surely, nature is claiming this back.
Probably fortunate for me, that we have a weight limit with our luggage, or I would of picked up some great finds.
We also found a very old cemetery. Lot's of old Chinese headstones, but some that I could read in English. Lucille who died in 1926 only 7 months old. I felt the sadness of her loss and continued on looking at all the lives that had passed on. Though the cemetery was really neglected, it had a view that overlooked the ocean and there was lots of beauty in that.
So more aloha paradise fun. Spending time with Emalie has been a real treat!!!

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