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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

garden worshiper

I finished my self portrait in the garden. This is how I feel when I am surrounded by a beautiful garden in summer. Just want to sit down among the flowers and breathe. The line I added in the upper left hand side says the following:

Beauty makes worshipers of the most skeptical among us.

It just is so hopeful to me to see the lush growing of a beautiful garden. Nature is so real and unpretentious. It grounds so many of us in a world of greed and neediness. All the flowers ask for is water and sun and love. No ego, no baggage, just being present. I think that's why I see her sitting among the flowers. Just being. Even the little bird gets it. You can click on the image to see a close up. It's all collaged from fabric and assorted art paper. And some paint too.

This art made me feel good, hopeful, and trusting in our world. Once again, my art fortifies me.

And she is listed on ETSY. Is she ready for you and your love of your garden?



..WW.. said...

good art..........good health

linda said...

thank you
my art does help make my health good, in face, GREAT!