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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Making Lemonade out of Lemons

An offer turned down. "couldn't find an appropriate fit"
Well, that is pretty much my Mantra. But I don't wear that
with shame.. I in fact embrace it. Because I don't want to be a cookie cutter artist. I want to always walk the more uncommon path. I have always, always strived to be different!!!! It feeds my soul to be independent and not one that follows the crowd.
So, yes it would of been great to get my article about doing the art about my grandparents house published.... But it would of only been a small feather in my hat. Because the
intention of the piece still lives in my heart and the healing it created for me, was a great success for SELF. And this art just might have a bigger better place to go than Cloth, Paper,
Scissors. I replied to them with a thank you note, and attached this art piece. I meant it in a very positive light and hope they understand that. If not, oh well.
When we are turned down for something we aspire to,
the easy path would be the pitty path. But we all know, that's a lonely place to go, and serves no purpose. And as my dad would always say..."Don't cry over spilt milk." So back onto my Visual Intention board goes my art on my grandparents house, with the article because it will find it's rightful and triumphant home soon.
I envision this.
It is a day of positive energy for me. I vow to magically expand the edge of reality and fly away beyond the blue. I prosper wherever I turn. I am ever optimistic and know I will have a brighter future with my art. I will take new dramatic steps that will someday ensure my visions to come to pass.
I embrace my inner Feisty Female. AARRRRRGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!
now go out and be a warrior woman today!!!!!
OH and happy birthday to my wonderful daughter Stephanie. She is 31 today. I loved my 30's.
I think I bloomed in my 30's. So I wish you lots of blossoms dear daughter.

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