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Sunday, March 8, 2009


This morning I awoke to new ideas for my business, and a sense of possibilities of great growth, both for me and the business. That is always the juju that gets my juices flowing.
Creating new ideas, new ways to market my work, and new
designs. So I worked that enthusiasm into my journal page this morning. The color that spoke out loud to me was orange.
I want to pick a color everyday that inspires me. I love
the color orange. It's so rich and succulent. Like biting into a big ole juicy orange. Remember when your mom would cut your oranges in half and you would eat them by biting into the half? You would have an huge orange grinning face that stretched across each cheek beyond your mouth. And the juice would drip down your chin onto your shirt. YUMMY! I loved that!!!!

So next week is the big push to get all done before we leave a week from today for Denver to jump on that early Monday morning flight to Hawaii..... I am excited but also my head is swirling with my long lists of to-do's before we leave. Leaving our sweet Marley in a kennel is heart wrenching, but I know he will love the other doggie company. Just wish I could make him understand we will be back in 12 days.
You can see how he doesn't have a clue what's coming up for him. His big adventure at the
doggie ranch.. I think he will love the interactions with the other dogs. I still need to drive out there and check it out, but it comes highly recommended. Just want to make certain.
I wish I could shrink him down to a tiny pup and take him with us. He weighs in now at 63 pounds.
That's a good 15 pounds more than Sadie weighed. And he is very strong.. he can pull me off my feet if I am not braced for his strength.
Catahula's don't mature till 3 years old, and Marley is only 9 months old! We love him
dearly.. he really is a great dog.
okay better tackle that to-do list.

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