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Monday, March 9, 2009

dreaming of flying

And in her dream, she saw the angel fly and

wanted so to be flying too. And she would someday soon.

I finished my painting about flying. This is on a canvas 3 feet x 1 foot. The houses are collaged with fabric and art papers. The detail of the hill and tree are done with painted then torn pages from the Kauai phone book. These are the little details that I often do, not that it's obvious to anyone, just a bit of fun I like to do with my art. I worked on this yesterday morning and when I emerged from my art, I saw it was 3:00 in the afternoon. OMG! Time just flew by! One of the wonderful perks of doing art. The getting totally lost in your work. Blissful!
I painted the girl on dictionary paper with watercolors. To keep the colors from running when I
applied it to the canvas with gel medium, I first copied the dictionary page with the girl on my color copier. This makes it permanent. Then I carefully cut her out and collaged her to the canvas with the gel medium. It worked beautifully. The tree trunk is cut from a great piece of batik fabric I bought recently. I loved the lines in the fabric and it worked perfect for bark texture.
This was really an enjoyable piece for me and I am happy with the outcome. It will go into the
wild woman art show unless I sell it before that. I will put it on etsy I think.
Another beautiful blue sky morning and I have to now get very serious on my orders. Lots to do!

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