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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

a happy tree

These tree faces have been around for awhile, but having the amazing leaves makes this so beautiful. I am always seeing plants growing profusely in the wilds and gardens here in Hawaii that we deem house plants back on the mainland.
I love the tropical abundance here. It's just so juicy artistically to see it all. The flowers, the oceans and the lushness of it all, just makes it so wonderful. Where we nurture and coax our gardens in the west, here they have to cut back the overgrowth.
Today Dan and I wandered aimlessly through some neighborhoods looking at some for sale spots. Just dreaming mind you, but it was fun to day. Then we drove to Waimea and watched some kite surfers. They must have some strong muscles to whip around out there, jumping way out of the water. Really fascinating to watch. We have one more day on Kauai then we fly over to Oahu then catch that red eye back to Colorado.
I miss Marley.. and Willie our cat. And I miss my studio and doing my daily art. Have done some piddle art here.. a little. And of course, lots of art time with Emalie. Reports are that it has lapsed back into winter in Colorado... drat. Hopefully we can bring some warm weather back with us.
aloha till later..

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