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Friday, March 13, 2009


This is not a new piece of art, because I have been in full fast mode getting all orders caught up, all bills paid, all things ready for our trip.
Feeling very crazy and have had to remind myself to sit still now and then, close my eyes and breathe. I decided to keep me in balance, I would post my Balance art. This was actually from an original collage painting and there was more to the piece than what you see. I painted her on an old bathroom cupboard door that had 20 or more layers of paint. Her legs continued beyond the cupboard door. I used some doll legs and attached them dangling.
Then I used some twine and attached each end to both
sides of the bottom of the door. This created a balance
line that the feet attached to. She now was balancing on the high wire. I sold her and have to say I miss her.
I will have to make another one like her.
So I am packing some of my sketch books, paints, etc. Don't know how much time I will get to do art, but will have the art supplies just in case. I do "collect" on trips. For collaging, etc.
Vacations to me is my time to absorb. To re-stock the eco pond. Plus spend some wonderful
quality time with my sweet Emalie and my daughter Stephanie and my son-in-law Robert.
It's family time.
aloha.. back in 12 days!!!!!

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