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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Leaf me a message please!

Here in the Colorado mountains, you find names scratched into the bark of the aspen trees. In Hawaii, we found leaves that people had scratched their names into. Obviously the leaves last for a long time as the dates go back 3-4 years on some of the leaves. I cannot tell you what this tree is but we were at the Spouting Horn beach on Kauai. The little park is across from the Botanical Gardens another inspirational spot to visit.

We are home now, and getting all back into the routine. Today was dedicated to catching up with the ankle deep mail and laundry and running to get groceries. But tomorrow I am jumping into some art in my studio. I missed my daily art time and my studio. I was practicing the art of grandmother and mother though and loved every minute of it.

It snowed a bunch before we flew back, but lucky for us we missed all of it. Only the remains of spots of snow were left over and we had a great easy trip home. And it's so good to be back.


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