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Saturday, March 7, 2009


I have always wanted to be able to dream about flying. Have asked for it for a long time. My Dad had many dreams about flying. He would tell us about his many adventurers, flying swiftly over the tops of houses, over rivers and mountains.
The feeling of soaring so freely, oh how I wanted to experience that.
Yesterday I stumbled on some artist's web site,
sorry cannot remember who, but she had done some art about her dreams of flying. She could even dream about flying underwater.
I was pea-green with envy. I would so love to be able to dream that I am flying.
I have always been a cautious person when it comes to doing anything the least bit daring. I remember, when I was a kid, watching the neighborhood kids swinging on a rope hanging from an old cottonwood tree that was next to the canal. This was really an over-sized ditch.. probably about 4 feet wide. But still big to us kids.
They would get a running start, then grab the rope and fly across the ditch. Oh wow. I so wanted to do it. I watched for at least an hour, wanting so badly to try it. Scared I would plop into the water. Finally, I stood up and got in line. When it came time for me to go, I hesitated,
which of course, all the kids noticed and started yelling at me to hurry up, chanting that I was
chicken. And I was. But I gulped and went for it! I made it, much to my surprise. Totally
stoked that I landed on the other side, dry and grinning. Then of course, I did it again and again.
No big deal.
So last night I gave myself permission to dream about flying. I would love to tell you I flew.
But I didn't. What I did dream about was me standing firmly planted on Terra-fir ma watching
someone fly. She was beautiful and I was mesmerized by her grace and apparent joy she was experiencing. I couldn't see her face even with the full moonlight. She flew effortlessly over the houses and I was filled with awe and longing.
I know of course, she was me.. I was feeling the pull of wanting to fly, but also the comfort of
staying firmly on the ground. But at least, I was seeing what is possible for me. This is the
success of my dream to me. The message that flight is possible. I just need to grab that rope
and go for it.
So this morning I did my journal art about my other self flying.. the self that lets her feet lift off the ground. I started a painting on a canvas after I finished the journal piece. I want to further
delve into my dream of flying. ta

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