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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Art Fortifies Me!

This is midway through Sheri Gaynor's Class on her book Creative Awakenings
Here's the link to buy it at Amazon.
I highly recommend this great art book. It is deliciously full of inspiration and recipes to motivate you. I have been working on many levels of my art drive.
Passion, dedication, intention, vision and soul
searching. It really is "Tilling the Soil (Soul!)" to quote Sheri from her book.
I worked on my journal art using my affirmation: ART FORTIFIES ME AND ALLOWS ME TO GROW. Above is my collage that I just finished this morning. I love the strength of the elephant
and it's intentional gait.. purpose-full! I have always firmly believed in persaverance. My spirit the blackbird soaring overhead carrying the gift of promise and hope. And here I am - Queen on top blooming with a burst of color and passion.
When I am in my art zone, I feel on top of the world. Art really is a foundation for me in my life.
It is the closet to God I feel when my hands and heart are creating, my color therapy for life.
I am always amazed how I can take my frustrations, worries, joys, celebrations, gratitude and
much, much more and allow art to clarify and/or glorify things for me. It is the journey not the destination.
So onward and upward..


Funky Art Queen said...

Oh, me too. Art is my is healing, quiet time. Love your journal work.

linda said...

Hey great to see your comment!
I have enjoyed your blog for sometime and you actually inspired me to start blogging again.
Your art is so fun and full of life and color...
love it...
xox thanks