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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

remembering Sadie

I finally started my painting I have wanted to do about Sadie. She was my sweet girl, a border collie. I adopted her over 7 years ago from the local shelter. She was the last dog I looked at that fateful day. When I took her to my studio for an afternoon visit, she plopped down on the floor and looked at me with such gratitude and love, I knew then she was mine.

For 7 years, Sadie was my pal. As she grew older, I knew her days were numbered. It broke my heart to think of losing her. I tried to cherish every moment with her. We had to put her down last August, one of my saddest days. There will always be a very tender spot in my heart for Sadie. And I am so happy that I can finally do a painting of her.

The canvas is large for me.. 2' x 3'. I did the tree using dictionary pages.. I love collaging with this kind of paper. I painted the tree but allowed the words to show through.. the aspen trees have such great texture. And since I love fall, I decided to make the leaves multi fall colors. I found some wonderful paisley fabric to mix in with the painted dictionary leaves.. and am really happy with the results. I even did the black branches with painted pages.. Next I will add Sadie. She will be happy on her walk with her tongue hanging out.. just as I imagine her in doggie heaven.


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