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Thursday, February 12, 2009

A Bluejay popped up

I added the little bluejay to the righthand corner of Sadie's painting. Just to give it a bit of added life. This also shows the fabric grass sprigs that I collaged. I really love using fabric in my mixed media. I have decided to enter this painting and the Hollyhock painting in the Valley Visual Art Show in March. It's a great show with an amazing array of art. I try to enter art every year.
I am starting a new painting this morning. Have several ideas in mind, and will let my muse take me in the direction it wants to go. It is wonderful to trust your own creative muse to lead you into the work. Learning to detach from expectations, both yours and more importantly others,
has been a huge challenge. Most of the time, I am able to defeat those gremlins, but there are times when they creep into my art time. When it happens, I normally put the work aside, and
allow myself time to divert my attention, which makes the gremlins go away.

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