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Friday, February 20, 2009

for my dad

Here he is.... my dad. He had a toad that lived by the pond in his back yard. The last summer of dad's life, he often told me about this toad that would appear now and then. At 81, it seemed to be one of his joys in life. He grew more and more home bound which I think was more about just the happiest place for him to be. He was always puttering around the yard or in his garage. He built a wonderful small castle years ago but it had started to fall apart being exposed to the elements in the back yard. So he tore it all apart and was starting to re-build it. He didn't get it finished before he passed away. But somehow I like to think he is in heaven building a new castle.

So here's my dad. I am doing a large collage/painting and this is just once small section of the piece. Will post the finished art when I am done. I made the toad out of a digital image I found. The fun part was scanning the toad into photoshop then magic-erasing the white places. Then I gently taped a dictionary page to a 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of paper and printed it through my printer. I purposely used the page that has the definition of father so if you click on the toad's image, look closely and you will see the words. Dad would of loved this I think.


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