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Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Sadie was my best dog, an animal soul mate. We breathed the same air and she was my near constant companion. I took her everywhere I could with me. She went to my studio everyday and patiently hung out with me while I worked. We would go for walks often. Her patience was unbelievable. She loved walks and her happy face would be full on during these outings. Her tongue hanging and a grin with her eye sparkling.

I found her at the local shelter..she had been there 6 months! No one wanted a one eye 7 year old dog. But I adopted her and I know she was waiting for me. No one knew what had happened to her eye. It was sewn shut and reminded me of a teddy bear with the button gone. I often would kiss her on that x spot. I painted her with two eyes because in heaven she will have both eyes. Her traditional border collie stripe that went up between her eyes was off center, which always gave her a silly look that I loved. And she had happy ears.. She loved me unconditionally and I tell you, that is such a true honor and very humbling. I miss her everyday.. Marley is a joy, and I love him dearly, but Sadie will always have a special place in my heart. Someday when I get to heaven, she will be there anxiously awaiting me to take her on a walk.. I imagine when I see her again, she will look just this way.. "Come on Mom, let's go for a great walk!!!!"

I still have a tad bit more detail maybe to add. Will sit with it for a few days and see. Maybe add a bluejay.


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