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Sunday, February 1, 2009

So today is the 1st of Feb. and I am bursting with energy. I would love to have a full on art day, but have other pressing commitments. But I did manage to squeeze a little art in.I signed up for Sheri Gaynor's telecast class at htttp:// Sheri and I have been pals for years, and it has been a wonderful to see her grow. Her first book is coming out:
CREATIVE AWAKENINGS: ENVISIONING THE LIFE OF YOUR DREAMS.. soon to be available on Amazon! I took one of her workshops years ago, and it was marvelous. Knowing Sheri,
this should be a really powerful book/workshop.
When I took that first workshop back then, she really surprised me.. Here was my friend who I loved, and suddenly she was in a whole new light for me.. a NEW PERSPECTIVE of her. Very professional, loving and truly gifted! So this morning, I prepared my new journal. I did cover art on the journal.. symbolic to me and inspirational. My OM horoscope today was titled Try Another Perspective. Another nudge from the universe!

Here's my journal cover..
I am set to peel away the layers of my creative onion and dive into the juicy center.
Because life is too short to only nibble at the edges.
ta daaaaaaa

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Boydhollow said...

You are truly inpiring!!!!!!!!!!
Thank you!!