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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Till We Meet Again

My finished painting for my Dad, for Opa. I painted his castle, very similar to the one he built in his backyard. I titled this painting Till We Meet Again, because here is where I envision seeing him again one day. The bird is a bluebird.. the bird of happiness as I see him just that way. Cosmos blooming, a tree budding out and a pink sky reflecting the sunrise. I loved doing this piece and it might just have to remain in my collection because it is so very personal.

He spent many months building his castle. He made each brick by hand and was patient and diligent with the process. He was always a very resourceful person when he built things. Each project had some ingenius twist to it. We have many stories of his inventions. Like when he created a copper pipe with a taped handle that he connected to an extention cord with 110 volts running through it. This he would jam into the lawn and like magic the worms would wiggle to the surface. Then my brother and I would gather the worms and we would have a nice container of dirt to carry them in for our fishing trip. Once, our cat Tom tried to walk across the lawn and felt the electricity coming through his feet.. a tingle that would make him pick up his feet and shake them.. like when a cat walks through water. It made us roar with laughter.
Here's a picture of him working on his castle front. You can see the individual bricks that he made.

ta dad.. miss you something fierce.

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