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Thursday, December 31, 2009


Willie, Willie, Willie....what are you doing in my fabric stash?  Well, it is a quiet, cozy spot for a long winter's nap.  Snowing outside, too cold for any cat fancies, and so he is perfectly happy to be nested in for the morning. I just went to get some fabric and was surprised to find a squatter!  He is looking at me and saying.... "whaaaat.......?"  you know, the cat attitude that says, I have every right to be here, so what is your problem? 

We have had lots of snow.  Yesterday, IT. SNOWED. ALL. DAY.   It's lightly snowing now, but the blue sky is trying to peek through.  Every night this week, we have had deer in our yard.  A buck and a doe seem to come in the driveway every evening to see if the bird feeder has been filled for their delight.  I snapped a picture of the doe feeding.  It's a bit grainy, it was taken out the window with only my camera flash, and I did have to lighten up the picture in photoshop so that you can see her.  But she is so sweet... and Marley is so
alarmed by the deer.  He wants to bark and we are trying to teach him to calm down and just let the deer
stroll around.  We are all trying to live in Harmony Marley...

  They bump the bird feeder and then lick out the seeds.  I kept refilling the feeder... every other day, thinking the birds were chowing down, but then of course, it dawned on me, it was the deer!  I have been putting out our apples that we have stored in the garage from our apple tree.  They are softening and really only good for pies.. and so the ones that are ready to be tossed, I am feeding to the deer. 
   peace and love on the last day of the year...  ta

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