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Wednesday, December 9, 2009


looking out my studio window on our back patio.

and looking in my fabric strip basket!

 Our snow storm has moved on and we are STILL DIGGING OUT!  Okay I am not a big lover of winter and snow.  A few inches is fine for ambiance for the holidays.  But our little mountain town got 18 inches while the Aspen mtn got 5.  Someone got the message crossed on this storm.  Big snow up on the mtn please! But the snow gods had other ideas. This morning we have our clear blue skies back and it's
freakin' cold, but the sun will shine and all this snow will be melting someday.  It is quite beautiful.. as long as I am inside my warm studio looking out!!!!  Working outside in this brutal cold weather.. oh my poor husband.
He won't start his ski job till a week before Christmas.. so only a few more days of excavation work. 
Skiing in the cold weather is more fun than working obviously. 
  Dashing through orders to get caught up so I can start focusing on my holiday todos... I had to rip a pile of strips this morning and love the colors piled in the basket.  I use these strips to tie on to my Lunar Designs
products.  It's colorful and fun.  I used to use ribbons, but I like the more oganic look of the fabric strips.  And of course, these strips have been finding their way into my side art.  When you rip a lot of fabric, you end up with a lot of threads.  So I save them as well.  And they have been fun to use in art too. 
  Okay work is calling me! 

Have a colorful blessed day!

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