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Tuesday, December 8, 2009


These were taken about 6:30 this morning.. OMG we got at least a foot overnight and yesterday a good 6 inches.. that adds up to a foot and a half!!!!!  Marley was romping and running around in the snow while Dan and I worked out butts off to clear the snow this morning, which is already covering all we did.  Dan runs the
snowplow on the 4 wheeler and I use the hand shovels!  Lots of work!  The ski mountain only got a few inches and down here in town we get bombarded with deep snow.  Crazy huh?  It is still snowing and is supposed to snow all day.  And the wind is howling.. a real blizzard.  I am glad to have my studio here at home!  No crazy snow commute for me, thank goodness!
  ahhh the winter blizzards.. makes me want to bake cookies and wrap presents.  And watch the old favorite Christmas movies like "It's a Wonderful Life" (I never tire of that move.. and cry every time I watch it) and get in the mood.  Because it's snowing big time, I might as well love it!  It is beautiful.
As I write this,  outside our window, the birds are clustering around the bird feeder, snow howling and gobbling up food for energy.  Beautiful.  Peaceful.  It is a Wonderful Life.

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