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Monday, December 28, 2009


What a heartwarming surprise I had for Christmas!  My daughter-in-law took one of my most
treasured paintings and turned it into a quilt!  What makes this even more amazing to me, is I sold this
painting last summer.  This is my grandmother's house. You can read the story here. 
It was with some reluctance that I put that piece in the Wild Women show last summer.  And of course, when it's a piece you would like to not sell, it sells.  Murphy's Law.  I still have images scanned into my art files, but the actual painting is now living in a friend's house. I have learned to let go of my art, even the ones I really love.  I look at it as a good way to let my art live outside my studio, plus it means more room for me to create more art!!!!
  So I was thrilled beyond words when I opened this gift and found this piece recreated in a quilt form!
In a wonderful magical way, this art came back to me through a loving gift.  It's just icing on the cake!

SEE???   Isn't it great how she even found the buttons I used in the orginal?  wow.
 Heather really outdid herself.  She choose perfect fabrics that were amazingly close to the original.  So this meaningful art has come back to me in a new form from a very sweet and thoughtful person.  Thank you Heather.  It's just beautiful.  You are very talented with fabric. 
She also did a mountain quilt for her Dad..

Dan's quilt is titled Purple Mountain Majesties and mine is Grandmother's House
Here they are are hanging in our family room.  I temporarily tacked them up till I can get my husband to make
wooden quilt hangers for them....

He especially loves the kissing fishes swimming in the mountain stream...( that's me and Dan by the way!)

Just lovely... thank you so much Heather!



Boydhollow said...

LInda, it was a thrill and a pleasure to creat these quilts for you and dad. And knowing that you bother really like them makes it all that much better. I love you guys!!

Artist Linda Drake and Lunar Designs said...

love you back..
when you eventually come out here to visit, I would love for you to sign your ART!!!!!!