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Thursday, December 10, 2009


Here we are.... ready for the bliss-filled holidays!  I just finished our holiday cards.  Every year, I  try to create our own cards complete with our little family.  Might add a bit more to this but will let it sit in the studio today.   And I have a lot of orders waiting on me.  I am trying to focus on the  seasons joy and not let the the
long list of todos make me crazy.  It can just over take your holidays and you can start to forget the
joy that this time of year should bring. 
Hope you are enjoying your busy day too!  HO HO
 art note:
I did the paper doll cut out shapes using recycled paper.  Dan's pants are cut from the inside of a business envelope.  Those patterns are wonderful to save and use in art, so many patterns. His sweater is cut from dictionary paper painted red.  My pants are cut from a scrap of paper that I had used to clean off ( smearing) my letter stamps of black ink.  Also used  some fabric.  I love doing art like this.. good ole cut and paste.  oh and of course Photoshop arranged and sized it .. love Photoshop for that.
off to work I go.. no more play for me!

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