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Monday, December 14, 2009


It's a peek.  Because I can't really show more or I will ruin the surprise.  But oh the Enchanted Lady turned out really wonderful.  I was elated with the final result.  And I love, really love,  how life can be serendipitously delicious!!!!

I worked on this art doll on Saturday and my day flew by in joyous creating.  Then this morning, I was wrapping presents for the recipient of this Enchanted Lady., and this afternoon I get a little sweet card from
the art doll's future owner who wrote " to my 'enchanting' friends" !!!! 

  Surprised?  Yes. But no.  I believe in ENCHANTMENT and when souls align in the universe, then connection is as real and easy as taking a breath.  Magical but there with every intake of air. 

So breathe in and be enchanted with the Magic of the season.

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