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Monday, August 10, 2009


Feeling overwhelmed... so much to do. These are times when I feel as if I am being swallowed by life. Work, family, house, it all just wraps itself around me and starts to choke me.
Art has always been my therapy for this. I can take timeout and journal and draw and paint and it starts to slide off of me. I can start to breathe again. Summer is always a busier time for us. With all the normal stuff: work, house chores, etc. we also squeeze in time for fun. So the weekends lately have been just that. Tightly packed. So that by Monday I am ready for another weekend to recover, which of course, I cannot. Because my work week starts up again.
So I am vowing that this is my last week of tightly packing it all in. I am vowing that even if I don't quite catch up with orders, I am still going to take time out for my art. Because it is too essential in my life to let lay dormant. I will get back to my early morning two hour art time.
No matter what lays ahead in my day.
There will be enough time for the rest.

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