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Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Market Day. I am the last minute artist here. I started out to make some greeting cards for this afternoon's market. That evolved into making some small journals using Red Rosin Paper.
These are small journals.. about approx 7 x 9 inches with 10 plain white pages inside. After I made four of these, I thought 10 pages, 20 if you use both sides is kind of small. It would make a nice little kitchen journal - add some of your favorite recipes to. Oh how about a matching apron? And miracle! The journal fits into the pocket of the apron. ooohh how fun!
So these will go to market and I will try to sell the sets. I folded the apron up and it and the journal fits nicely in one of my large cello bags. I labeled the set but will have one open for display. Sept I have every Tuesday available to sell, and if these sell today, I will make many more for then.

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