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Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Despite last night's slow traffic at the downtown market, I did manage to sell one of these kitchen journal and apron sets...
(thank you Donna for the big helping hand!)
So.. encouraged, I am listing the other three sets on my etsy site.
(click on the title above!)
September will open up a full month of Tuesdays that I can do the market booth, and I plan to make more of these sets.
Plus lots of small art. I think the market is a great venue for me.
I love interacting with the people. It's such a fun atmosphere of
food, art and music. But it is also a testing ground for some new ideas for art and for Lunar. These kitchen journals for instance.
How to market them for Lunar would be fun. Not hand constructing, but perhaps I could find a small journal source and then add my cover art. Will have to pursue this.. Always fun to get the creative juices flowing.
The smaller art I think would be a good sell. I think bigger purchases just won't happen that often at the market. I have sold things for under $50 so will continue that price range.
Today is a full tilt filling order day. No time to play with my art.

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