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Friday, August 21, 2009






scrappy and happy

I have always wanted to quilt. I love quilts, especially the amazing art quilts I have seen. I am in awe of the work, the time! But the tediousness of it, yikes, makes me run away and not even think about trying it. So I have been having a blast doing fabric/painting collages, my version of "quilting"! I started this morning picking up a small birch board panel in my stash and painting a blue white background. Then I added some fabric strips top and bottom. I also patch collaged around the border of the frame. I loved all the different colors and patterns...reminds me of a quilt. Then I decided to cut a woman's face and neck/shoulders out of an old white piece of mattress padding. This is lovely old padding fabric that I bought years ago at the thrift shop. Soft and quilted. Not like the ones they sell these days. I decided to paint her face, and then I machine stitched some details like her eyebrows and nose. And of course, lots of funky hair elements, from corrugated cardboard strips rolled up, to magazine shreds, to threads and even an old bracelet I had made out of beads and fabric. Button earrings and then a ruffled blouse completed her.

I have three (3) (xoxoxooxo) art shows coming up this fall. VERY EXCITED! So I have to build up my inventory. It will also let me recycle some of my older pieces. That's when I take a piece of art and re-art it. Evolving art!

But I like SCRAPPY WOMAN. I like saying the word SCRAPPY!

EDIT.. I took the original Scrappy Woman
and scanned her into photoshop and she evolved into an new design for Lunar!
how about that? see what you think!!!!!

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