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Friday, August 14, 2009


This is one of the many reasons I so love my husband. He came home last night and announced
he had a present for me. He then went out to his work truck and came back in smiling with the branch in his hand holding it out for me. "It's a hummingbird's nest!"
Wow. It's so delicate and is entwined so beautifully within the crook of the branch. The leaves will eventually fall off and I will then use it for an art piece. I could make paper leaves, etc to replace the real leaves. I love taking found objects like this and turning them into art. But the
biggest gift of all? Dan knew I would love this. Better than dozens of roses, this is so special
to me. The uniqueness of it, plus that he thought of me.
I am looking forward to the weekend.. Sunday is saved as a big art day for me. I haven't really had one of those jammie days in a long time. I am overdue..

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