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Monday, August 24, 2009



This is a painted, fabric collaged, mixed media piece I did on a tabletop ironing board. Because you know, I would rather do ART than IRON! I added 4 pegs to hang
things from. I will take this to the
Tuesday's market to see if it sells,
but if not, it looks great hanging
on the door to my laundry room! :)

I painted directly on the ironing board cover.. a canvas like feel and found it took the embellishments quite well. I used good ole gel medium, my trusty standby.

Surprising, even to me, I made the squares out of various pieces of fabric and machine stitched them to create a quilted look. What? me on a sewing machine? That is new for me.. But you know, it's a NEW DAY! NEW ME! or YOU>.....

But truly, I used to do a lot of sewing when the kids were little. Really when I got pregnant. I sewed all my maternity clothes! I lived in Hawaii and the buying selection was dismal. So I was motivated to learn how to sew. I had a neighbor who helped me learn. Then I made overalls for both kids. Loved it. Then, through the years, I find I rarely pull out the sewing machine unless I need to do some mending. So to rediscover this is a surprise...but anything for ART, right?

edit: See where the fabric art quilted squares ended up in a new design @

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