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Sunday, August 2, 2009


Sadie. It's been nearly a year now that we lost her.
She was so close to me. I always felt she came into my life to show me something. I think she taught me compassion and how to deal with loss. Because within a month of Sadie's passing, we lost Dad.
My husband sent this picture to me this morning. He found it and thought I would like to see it. I started crying. The loss of this sweet dog hit me again.
I love Marley, he makes us laugh everyday. But
I do dearly miss ole Sadie.
I know she is smiling up in doggie heaven...
hugs to you sweet baby. I send you kisses on that special spot on your snout. Miss you something fiercely.


Judy said...

I've heard that Sadie held a party for Scooter when he got to the other side. Steve provided the music, Scooter the purring and sweet Sadie the lollipop licking contest. Sadie won, of course!

Artist Linda Drake and Lunar Designs said...

oh thank you. how sweet. I am certain they are all enjoying the
peace and tranquility of paradise.\