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Monday, August 17, 2009


Finally was able to have a jammie art day.
Well, nearly all day. Morning, really.
This is a 16 x 20 birch board panel.
I had it in my stash of mistakes, do overs,
you know, the pile of art that didn't make the ah ha moment. You work on these
flub ups and finally toss them in a dark closet to be tackled another day.
So out came this neglected board, and it
evolved into a happy piece. I love working with fabric in collage. Plus it helped that I finally organized my fabric stash...
I have another day at the locals market tomorrow and they are asking for recycled art. So this fits nicely into that category. Recycled art board, old dictionary pages, buttons, fabric..
all from my save pile. I painted her face on a piece of cardboard that I cut out. I had tried to collage her face with
fabric but she looked scary.. so I improvised and covered that face up. Which I thought was a nice way to cover the scary feelings of those dark clouds that try to blot out our light in life.
The words on the tree say the following:
"She knew that she could keep the Bright Colors alive, even when the world threw dark clouds at her. Nothing could darken her spirit."
That is my mantra most days. I am fortunate that I am able to stay in the light mostly. I do
have days when dark runs me over now and then, but I am blessed with being able to
pick myself up, and open the curtains wide.
Are your curtains wide open today?

I finally, after months of exasperating technical issues, this afternoon we got the big PROBLEM resolved.
I have been striving to stay positive through this entire challenge-- To not let the
fear overtake me. Once again, working my thoughts out with my art, staying in the light,
not allowing the Dark to take over my spirit, I have prevailed.
You just have to keep the faith baby.


Anonymous said...

nice art

Kirigalpoththa said...

Beautiful work of art!