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Thursday, August 27, 2009


This is a mixed media assemblage I created this morning. The background board I found at the dump. Yep. When my husband goes to the dump, I love to tag along and sometimes can score some cool stuff. I found this board in a pile of wood that appeared to be from an old house.

Her head is piece of strange scrap metal I found and have been saving for years. They had two holes punched in the metal which became her eyes. The body is another piece of scrap metal

that had a body shape when I picked it up somewhere, can't remember where. Her arms are a doll's arm on the right and a spring on the left. Her feet are from some old piece of metal I found up in the mtns.

Her hair is threads and twisted paper clip wires.

Her eyes glass with a rusty bottle cap pounded flat then cut to create the eyelashes.

Her lips a piece of thin copper cut, tinted and creased to create lips.

I used the words for one of my favorite songs by Jack Johnson title "HOPE"

which I love.
Like her? Yep, I do.


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