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Tuesday, March 2, 2010


This morning I thought about my hurtles that I climb over everyday.  There are times when I think my path will never clear and my strides come easy without obstacles.  I took a page of blank address labels and
wrote fast and furious about these obstacles.  The pain, the disappointments, the ups and downs.
Then it hit me. We all have the obstacles.  EVERYONE OF US. My troubles are no more monumental
than any one elses.  It's all in how we preceive them.  So I took my labels and put them in a growing live tree of hope.  To bloom and turn into beautiful possibilites.  I added green and red and lavender and white.
and beautiful blue eyes.  From this I felt the surge of positive growth.  and flowers started sprouting up around me.  Spring is in the air.  My favorite time of the year. 
Creativeness is my gift and I will apply it NOW.

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