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Sunday, March 7, 2010


I have been here before.  Sitting reflecting on the "fall" I took the day before.  You feel mentally battered and bruised and you know you allowed it happen again.  Journaling helps.  Time helps.  Art helps.  And from the pain, I know I will become smarter and tougher.

But for today, I stay in the light.  I stay with my art.  I light a candle.  I listen to soft soothing music.  And I allow the White Light to surround me.  It's a day I will dedicate to SELF and my HOME and my sweet husband.   He rescues me.  He came home yesterday, and saw my pain.  So we jumped in the jeep with Marley and took a nice long drive.  60 or so miles later, we found a sweet little Italian resturant in a small mountain town, we had a lovely dinner and then the nice ride home.  It is a blessing when someone you love feels your hurt and reaches out to help you.  Thank you Dan. 

 I work on making a nice comfy place for him to come to this evening.  A big pot of nourishing soup and a quiet evening together.  These are the gifts in life that rescue us from the hard times we experience.

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