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Saturday, March 13, 2010


I am so excited!!  I scored more of these amazing 100% wool hooked rug samples.  I got some last year, and finally took the time to sew them together.  Those were not the looped hooked rugs that I love.
These samples that I recently got, are.  The smaller rug I got a week or so ago when my husband and I found a delightful shop about 50 miles from home.  I got these for $1 each. So the small rug cost me $6.
Then I started thinking, why didn't I buy more?  Since I didn't want to drive 100 miles round trip, I called the shop and they had some more, so I asked "do you ship?"  Happily, as you can see they do.  So this morning I put together a larger rug to lay in front of the sofa.  The first set I laboriously hand stitched the backs together.  But these I used duct tape.  Yep.  And it works beautifully.  Good ole duct tape.  And saves me a lot of work. 
I really like the patchwork look and for $12!  ... plus shipping, but that's lots cheaper than the cost of gas!  Each sample has a picture that was stuck on the back showing the entire rug. And you know what?  I like my pieced version much better.    This is much more arty and funky.  Which is me.  Because I love lots of color in our house, as you can see.

I grew up in a home that was always perfectly decorated.  Color themes, etc.  Which my mother loves, still.
But I like a lot more play and chaos of colors.  An eclectic look.  I just painted the one wall in the living room this lovely spring green color.  This house was decorated sourthwestern when we looked at originally to buy.
The large great room painted mauve pink, which ohhh, still sends shudders down my spine.  It's now
a soft warm golden wheat yellow.  I had to paint that before I had even finished unpacking everything!

When I was growing up, I wasn't allowed to put posters up on the walls.  No self expression allowed in our house.  So now that I am all "growed up"..  I am fully into self expression.  And I look as those
restricted youthful days as a leaping pad for my now wild artistic expression.

NOW I am ready for  even more expression.

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