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Sunday, March 14, 2010


Found these wooden cut outs at the thrift store awhile back for maybe $3 for all of them...6 total.
They were all hinged together like someone was going to use them as  standup art.  I envisioned using them as women.  There are two cut out heads.. one tulip shaped and the other daisy.  So yesterday I started
painting on one and here's the results.
I covered the head with rusty metal.  Then decided to create wings and heart for her crown. 
The body I did the normal mixed media layering of paint using brushes, fingers, and stamps.  Each one has a stem and leaves routed into the wood which makes for nice texture.

I have to start working on a new body of work for the upcoming show in June for Wild Women.
It's that time of year again! Despite all that I have on my plate, I still can do a lot of art over the next few months.  Those early morning art hours will add up and if I am consistant, I can easily do it.

I will work on the next woman.
and it's 19 days till my girls arrive.
I am sooooo excited.  Truly.

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