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Sunday, January 17, 2010


I started on my 12 pieces of art for the Scavenger Project - My first title I was given is LOST AT SEA..  And I am ready to move to my 2nd one.  I used tissue paper over the initial loose painting crinkled and applied with  gel medium.  Then I proceeded to paint the blues in.  I wanted her vague and nearly invisable.... lost. I avoided a dark theme because if you are lost, it isn't always a negative thing.  It can simply mean you are not where you need to be.  I used dictionary pages torn in strips to create the sea weed and added more elements of paint.  I could go further with this, but don't have the time. 
  I am doing the project for the creative stimulation and for the fun of seeing the finished published book that will feature the art.  It will be interesting to see the different takes the artists use with the like themes.  Something we do locally sometimes for our Wild Women shows.  We dub it our collaboration corner.  It is a really great example of how the creative muse takes each of us in a different or sometimes like direction.
  We don't get these pieces of art back.. where they eventually end up, who knows!!!  So I have kept the size down to 9 x 12 canvas panels --  economically feasible plus easy/lightweight to ship.
  NOW only 11 more to go.  My deadline April 15.