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Wednesday, January 13, 2010


I found some lovely cardboard.  I know, that sounds funny.  But, I am a recycle artist at heart.  I love taking something that someone would normally discard, and re-invent it into art.  It makes my heart smile, it makes the planet smile and it is just a feel good way to create.  What made this cardboard great?   it's thick and it has a nice linear texture.  So when you apply paint with an old credit card, a nice linear pattern appears.
These are just in the beginning stages.  And I am not certain exactly where they are going.  I love to work
from the heart, not the mind, so I will trust these pieces will go on their own journey with a little help from me.
I started by cutting the shapes and actually stitching them together with my sewing machine using a zigzag stitch.  I loved the sound of the sewing machine needle punching through the cardboard!
And heartbreaking news this morning.  I am making cardboard houses and listening to the news from Haiti about the huge earthquake and the hundreds of casualities.  If only I could magically send these cardboard houses to that island to be transformed into actual houses.  If only.

I must get to work making a living. :)

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