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Friday, January 1, 2010


This is about Good Intentions.  This is about offering feedback and then having the door closed in your face.

If you are going to start a NING network of friends with like minds, BRAVO for you.  But please, be prepared to give.  And please, know that some of your members are not going to jump in with all four feet and participate.  Some of them are quiet observers, rather by their own personal choice or their own limit of free time.   And oh, this NING network???? is NOT about you.  It's about sharing.  Not just your sharing, but all the members in your group sharing together.  Sharing, you know, giving without expecting anything back? 
I have to say I am not a good groupie follower.  If I join something, it's to just enjoy the feeling of like minds... you know the group as a WHOLE.  If I choose not to chime in, contribute, or partake, that's my choice.  But being banned if I don't actively contribute?  I am not sure if this is a common practice in these NING networks, I sure hope not.  I would like to think the administrators are more generous than that. 

This reminds me of a shop I visited years ago.  I was in love with the "stuff" and bought some.  I went back often and bought now and then.  But the overriding question in my mind was, what in the heck was this girl doing owning a shop?  Because she was anything but welcoming.  She complained, she bitched, she was obviously not having a good time.  And I thought, boy, this shop is doomed.  If you don't love it. it will tumble.  And that's life right?  And of course, the shop failed.  As has this NING...  Who wants to be around
someone who is cranky?  Not me.  There are many other more positive places to hang out, thank you very much.

 So ban away dearest.  I rather play nice with nice people.  Nice people don't BAN...


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