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Sunday, January 23, 2011


Bare bones so far on this piece.  Adding the elements and then I can work on detail.  I was trying to decide on the border color.. and because of all the bright colors decided white.  Thinking about adding black stripes or checks but not sure yet.  I want to do a lot of flowers and then arrange them .. for now they are simply setting on the board. 
I have caught a rotten cold and it really depletes my creative energy.  Yesterday I was too sick to do anything.  Today feeling better, but having to do some laundry,etc before I can totally do art.  Which is probably better anyway. 
I have been using the linoleum for the flowers but decided to add some fabric on the round flower.  I will also paint some colors and patterns on the lino flowers when I get them all done.  When everything is done, I want to seal it all with Golden's high gloss varnish. 
Planning on a series of this style for the upcoming show in March which is about recycled art.  I have really liked playing with the linoleum.  It's easy to cut and creates wonderful texture.  I am in the mood for springtime flowers and color.  January can be so dreary.. but not here in my studio!

But for now,
time to catch up on the necessary parts of life.
create a joyful space in your world
it makes everyone smile!

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