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Saturday, January 8, 2011


This morning I decided to sit on the couch, watch True Grit.. the original version with John Wayne, and stitch
up my insert for this art piece I did yesterday.  I used some old white fabric that is wonderfully quilted, probably from an old mattress cover.  I liked the soft homey look to the fabric.  I lightly penciled the words in,
changing House to Home because it just is more, well, HOMEY!  than house.  I also added more
linoleum art to put a sun over the words.  I really, really am pleased with the outcome.  It just is a happy
piece of art. 
And I was so happy to watch the old John Wayne True Grit.  We went to see the new version last night.
I wasn't impressed, I am sorry to say.  I have always liked Jeff Bridges but for me, he just didn't cut it
for this movie.  For one thing, I had a hard time understanding his drawl.. he mumbled and often I couldn't understand exactly what he was saying.  I liked Hailee Stanfield protrayal as Mattie about as equally well as I liked Kim Darby.  Matt Damon was better than Glen Campbell, that goes without saying.  But the new version overall, no.  Filmed in Texas, not Colorado like the original version, so I am probably biased.  Though anyone
would like the scenery in the original I would think! 
I am still a TRUE fan of John Wayne.  Always will be.

smile at someone today! 

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Kathryn Magendie said...

After receiving my amazing breathtaking Art with Heart book for Cherie Stannard, and enjoying it cover to cover, I want to stop by and thank the artists who contributed. Thank you.