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Saturday, January 15, 2011


Morning World.
I gasped at this sight.
I feel the JOY of LIFE
of NEW promises..

A birth of what if.
I am blessed with the gift of positive attitude.  I live my life in the light of YES.
And when I listen to a dear friend hurt with depression and hard times,
my heart breaks.  I want to reach out and comfort.
I try to help, but often it's not wanted.
So I have to pull back and allow them their place in their Valley.
And then I feel a great gush of gratitude that I am able to live up high on my hilltop.
Oh but don't think I never feel the blues.
There are days when I trip and roll into the ditch and even times when I will spend some length of
down time.
But, thank God, I am able to pull myself up, dust myself off and whistle a happy tune.

This is the gift I think my Dad gave me.  He often would say to us..
"don't cry over spilt milk"
thanks Dad.
It has served me well in my life.

I have always found great joy in small things. 
(another Dad gift)
A good cup of coffee on a cold morning.
A snuggle with my honey.
The smell of his neck after his shower.
The nudge of our sweet lover boy dog early in the morning to wake me up.
The sound of laughter from my grandchild, even on a video.
It's that little moment in the day that makes your heart swell up and smile.

It's what I try to bring into my art.

I will try that everyday of my life.



Karen Martin Sampson said...

Well written post and beautiful photo! A real treat on a wintry, foggy day where I am!

Artist Linda Drake and Lunar Designs said...

May the fog lift and you find warmth in your day Karen! thank you for your kind words!