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Sunday, January 16, 2011


I have an art show coming up in March.  That's 6 weeks from now.  And I have been brewing ideas for several weeks now with no true vision of what I want to do. 
Does that sound familiar?
So this morning I made a conscious decision to be unconscious...
 thanks to a fellow artist's comments about such.

This is my morning's work.  Prepping linoleum as my art medium.  Just going with my current
interest in recycle art.  Repurposing.  I will use these painted pieces of linoleum to create my series of
recycle themed art.  The small squares air drying on a clothes dryer rack, something I use often to dry painted dictionary pages.  Works quite well.  The multi colored painted piece above is larger as I was going for multi colors.  I might do another  less blended piece.. more jackson pollack kind.. splatters and splashes, to get another kind of color and texture.

As to unconscious.  Yes.  That is the exact message I needed to hear this morning.
Relying on my thinking brain rather than my muse.. would continue to create blocks for me.
Opening the door to the unknown and letting play and heart come into my art, that is where I want to go.
I know this.  I have know this for a long time.
But my persistent brain keeps bullying it's way into the studio.
So thanks for PIF
from the artist who commented on his FB page.
He has no idea what he did for me today.
I hope I am PIF for you today.
Let your art muse guide you.
ta for now.

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