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Sunday, March 24, 2013

PILES of to-do-s

more piles.


these arches are wood scrapes that  I scored at the dumpster behind the cabinet woodshop.
(pause while I smile!)
What I love about these, is they make cool art pieces that I can sit on mantels, high dressers, etc.
in a very different but very cool shape!
I also picked up at Lowe's some fat screw in round feet like knobs that I can attach for a standing arch look.
I am thinking these will be fun to art up for the May show at Whimsical Wild Women of the West.  I would love to get more of these, so will plan on popping into the woodshop and ask if they have more, or if they don't, will they hold them for me.  Obviously they chuck these out..  and I am happy to rescue them.

Here's the first one I did.  I painted it turquoise and I added a heart from dictionary pages and then wings from various found objects.  I had the iron blackbirds with their nests and they immediately found a home around the new art piece.  

The other rescue was this rattan headboard I found in the alley ready for trash pickup.  I knew it would be too wide but figured I would try it anyway.  I couldn't even fit it in my Subaru Forester - too long!  So, thankfully, I found 3 bungees and a cell phone cord and lashed it on top of my rack on the car.  Perfect.
After I got it set up,  hey, I even liked that it was oversized!  The tapering design works for the wider expanse.  Perfect.  FREE.  Perfect.  If you notice the walls in the guest bedroom are gray.  At first, I wanted to paint them a different color.  But now I like the gray. It's a nice neutral and creates a comforting color for the room.  

So that's my ART day for Sunday.

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