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Thursday, March 21, 2013

I made the front page of our wonderful local newspaper.
I did an art demo day at my good friend's adorable boutique Confetti Designs yesterday.
FIRST time for me.. to do art in public.  I made up my mind prior to doing it..
just do it.  Don't worry about what any  one would think.. just DO IT.
It was easy and FUN!   And I think people enjoyed seeing me sitting in my corner arting away! 
This is really a biggie for me by the way.. I have always felt really uncomfortable doing art with someone watching.  Well, I guess I finally conquered that yesterday!!!!  YIPPEEEE!

Here's how I prepped for my demo...
 I copied a bunch of color prints from my art journals to have a stash to
collage with.  I also brought an old dictionary to pull pages out of.. and I brought my cheap watercolor set
(shown in the paper photo above) because I didn't want to lug my acrylics.   A small squeeze bottle
of mat medium and a few paper plates. and a travel blow dryer completed my stash. Oh.. I also brought two pair of scissors.. one regular and one crimping.. though of course, I tore a lot.  And a set of alphabet stamps with black stamp pad and a four sided design stamp too plus a roll of paper towels and a bottle of water.  

  What I discovered while I was working yesterday, is after coloring the dictionary paper with watercolor, blowing it dry quickly with a little travel blow dryer, and then a light coat of mat medium over the watercolor which  then quickly sealed the paint so I could continue working without smearing the watercolor.  It worked perfectly!  Collaging then using my favorite pencil to outline and texture elements.. was really a fun process.  I liked using my own art  to pull images from rather than a magazine.. making my collage a lot more personal!  I was collaging on scrap cuts of wood from my neighborhood's cabinet shop (free) that I had prepainted for these demos.  By the late afternoon, I had done 3 of these and the last one I  had to resort to using cardboard with dictionary paper collaged on to create one more design.  

This morning I scanned one of the collages from yesterday and in photoshop did a bit more designing and added the words for a new design for Lunar Designs!  

To finish off the original art boards, I spray paint them with Krylon's Triple-Thick Crystal Clear Glaze.  
I spray it on thick and it gives it a really deep glaze.. a "bright, glass-like coating" as the can says.
Plus it dries in minutes.. which I love.  

And cripes.
It's snowing today.. off and on.
Just a typical SPRING thing here in our mountains.
Which makes me bury into my work and just avoid looking outdoors!

ta for now!

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