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Sunday, March 3, 2013

My greatest creations..
Stephanie and Chris
my amazing wonderful loving kids.

I am so blessed to have these two kids.
They have grown into two beautiful kind loving adults.
It's what every mother prays for.

We had the most amazing day yesterday.  Chris, who lives in Tahoe, surprised us yesterday with a visit.
Tasa, his sweet honey, was with him along with their two dogs: Nacho and Osa.  It was pure rapture for me.
To have my two kids here together... it's been a long time.. I am thinking at least 12 years.  Now that Stephanie, Robert and Emalie are moving back to Hawaii soon,  who knows when this will happen again.
I am sooooo grateful that Chris and Tasa made the effort to come see us.  Our lives are so busy, we all go
100 miles an hour and moments like these are precious and to be savored for the rest of our lives.

So this was truly an artfull day for me.  
I was totally blissed out.

Love is so precious.  


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