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Friday, March 1, 2013

New rule for buying paint at Lowes.
CHECK the screw on lids.
I buy these paint samples .. often grab them off the paint sale table for .50 cents each.  These
I bought at regular price of under $3 each. The girl that mixed my green swore she tightened the
lid to which I replied well, obviously not tight enough!  Nearly 1/2 was in the bag!
Thank goodness, this paint only flowed into the plastic bag on the way home and not all over my car seat.
That would of not been pretty.
I still had to take the little eye screws out of the 6 plastic bags, which was quite messy.

A few people have asked me what are cradle boards.
They are wooden panels with depth.  Artists have been painting on these
for centuries.  I like the wood surface better than canvas because it allows me to
do a lot more things.. screwing, nailing, wood burning, carving, etc. 

and this is how I do the backs.  I always paint the backs.. just gives it a more
finished look, and I add my labels with my website, blog address, etc.
and my signature.  

have an artfull day!!!!!


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