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Sunday, March 17, 2013

art time today in the studio
prepping boards for something ART-y to follow!

Flower girl
ready for spring and barefeet.
Silver belt buckle for her head and then a tea stainer for wings.  A heart made out of linoleum
painted red.  The handle of the tea strainer is her body wrapped in blue silk fabric.  Her skirt is
a metal cut-out lampshade and her feet are metal painted.  Her arms are wire jute wrapped in fabric and 
she is holding a wire metal leaf from an old candle holder.  

garden angel
the wings?
two sock stretchers put together
and the hangers are her feet.
Then I attached a deep fry screen?on top 
and wove fabric through the screen for her body.
The handle of the fry screen is her face
and green jute wire for her hair.
She's ready to bless Spring!

Today was SPRING.
let me check....

oh it's


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