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Monday, March 25, 2013

Finished the "topper" from the scrap arch shaped wood I found
in the woodshop's dumpster.  I bought the wooden feet at Lowe's
and attached them to the base just to give it a more finished look.
I attached the middle heart cut from painted linoleum as are the two red leaves using
 copper finishing nails.  The copper makes a nice contrast.  The two hearts on either side of 
the middle heart are cut from dictionary paper and painted with watercolor and then sealed of course.
I used my favorite pencil to draw the swirls and curls and a few leaves.  I had collaged some other
hearts but was not happy the way it was turning out, so I painted over them and started all over again.
Much happier with this combo. The top of the arch is about 2 inches thick and it's painted black and
white stripes as well.  I should also mention the black and white stripe on the front bottom is paper that
I collaged on.  When I need striped black and white paper, I make my own.  I simply take a sheet
of paper and use my Sharpie Magnum marker.. it's huge btw, and make the stripes.  Then I can
make copies to use in collage.  I like that the stripes are loser and not so precise.  I finished the 
piece by spraying it with my favorite clear acrylic spray that looks so glossy.  Love this stuff.

Will make more of these for the upcoming show in May 17th & 18th  at the
Whimsical Women of the West.
It's at the picturesque Four Mile Bed and Breakfast on the road to
Sunlight here in Glenwood Springs.  A wonderful group of women
with talent galore and I plan on having some different art this year besides my
usual kitchen towels etc.  
seriously need to get to work.

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