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Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Spring is beginning to burst in our mountain town. We have had some blue sky-sunny warm days that pours optimism into your bones after a long winter. But even with the hope of spring and renewal, I sometimes get plagued with fear of the impact of this rough economy. I have been bog hopping lately and decided this morning enough is enough.
So I did some journaling this morning. And once again, the inspiration and comfort of just working out my feelings in my journal has re-fortified me to put myself back in the I CAN DO THIS mode.
Owning your own business can be nerve-wracking at times. I have learned over the years to stay in the light. Avoid the dark what if's.
My belief is that if you keep a fearful watch of those dark negative what ifs, the universe will gladly bring that to you. And the same goes, if you keep a full intent vision of what you want, that same universe will comply. There is plenty to go around and I am worthy of abundance in my life. That has been my mantra for many years. When I feel like I am focusing on the empty part of the glass, I quickly remind myself to focus instead on the full part.
I did a gratitude list from a-z listing all of mine. Sounds easy but that is 26 gratitudes and I had to think a bit for some of them. But I did it and will now save it for those times I feel like I am
trekking over a barren landscape in the dark.
So turn up the music, stay in the light, focus on my goals, and roll up my sleeves. I am ready to
make it happen.... are You listening up there!?
Expect it... Know it.....
ta for now!
So like the little engine that could, I keep myself on track and chugg ahead.

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