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Friday, April 3, 2009

Here I am on the beach with my hat that plainly states my most sincere desire. I adore sitting on the beach and revealing in the sound of the surf, the wind, the sun and hopefully no talking. Just being. I did this design this morning totally immersed in the feelings of the beach. And as I looked out, it was snowing. Not just a little bit, but those great big fat flakes that instantly coat everything.. brrrrrrrrr.

It's springtime in the Rockies and we are so used to some of our heaviest snow up here in the mtns this time of year. It's great for our gardens, for the upcoming spring runoff, and our earth in general. So to complain makes us feel a little guilty. But we do. It's just that when we have had lovely warm days of spring, and then the weather slams us back into winter, it's just weary. Not to mention disheartening.

But lucky me, I can go to the beach in my art! Two more designs are on the to do board for Lunar's new lineup. So more beach art for me. A good thing looking at the weather forecast!


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Judy said...

Wanna be right there - same hat!